martedì 9 settembre 2008

Ettore Le Donne (Abruzzo)

Fotocopia ritoccata a tempera

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Steve ha detto...

Dear Ettore,

Recently, you posted a club on FACEBOOK backing the piece-of-crap Iranian dictator/fascist Iranian Sociopath Ahmadinejad.

Personally, I'd love to hear that the guly little bully burned alive after being struck by lightning by some anthropomorphic god (Islamic, Christian, Jewish, who cares which one).

Frankly, I fail to see why you would expect to be respected in any kind of way if you support such pigs.

I see that you are also big into Communism... Seriously, aren't these movements tragically outdated?

Bush, Ahmadinejad, North Korea's Kim Jong Il -- they're all fucking pieces of shit. Get with it, Paisan! The 60s are over-over-over. Time to condemn the Bushes, Cheneys, Kim Jong Ils, and Ahmadinejads of the world. All of them should be boated out to the ocean and fed to the fish or launched into space and suffocated, capice? (But then, that would pollute the oceans and the atmosphere, darn). :)

Steve (Fiorentino) Tills :)